Pizza at Roosters’ in Columbus, Ohio

Tonight I just tried a Meat Lover’s pizza at Rooster’s in Columbus, Ohio. This was the location on Olentangy River Rd. It was the first time I tried one of their personal size pizzas, and it was pretty good. They all start with a 9″ thin crust and you can get meat/cheese toppings for $.59 and veggie toppings for $.29. I got the Meat Lover’s one, which included pepperoni, sausage, ham, and bacon for $6.49.

Meat Lover pizza at Rooster's in Columbus, OH
Meat Lover’s pizza at Rooster’s in Columbus, OH

We had a Nachos Deluxe for an appetizer, so I couldn’t eat the last two pieces of the pizza.

Usually I get a Big Bob burger at Rooster’s with the Works; I think it’s a great burger for a great price. My husband really likes their hot wings, but I don’t really care for them, or hot food in general. But the chicken tenders with BBQ sauce are pretty good. I’m not sure if the pizza is a better deal than the burger, but it wasn’t bad. What do you think about Rooster’s food?