Difference Between Calzone and Stromboli

I always forget the difference between a calzone and a stromboli. Google-ing the issue reveals that there is quite some confusion on the issue.

A calzone is basically a pizza dough folded over, half moon-like, that is stuffed with meat(s) and cheese(s). It’s common to have ricotta cheese instead of mozzerella, and sauce served on the side. They can also be called ‘inside-out’ or ‘turnover’ pizzas.

Etymology – Calzoni (plural) means “pants” or “trousers” – since one resembles a pant leg of the wide, billowing trousers that were worn in the 18th century.

Calzone seen on Seriously Good website
Calzone Source: Seriously Good website

A stromboli is stuffed with meat(s) and cheese(s) but rolled, resulting in more of a tube or loaf shape. They can also be called pizza rolls.

Etymology — Stromboli is a volcano and an island in Sicilia in Italy. (Not sure how that relates to the dish)

Stromboli available at Dominick's Pizza
Stromboli Source: Dominick’s pizza in NJ

From what I gather, it’s the shape of the dough rather than the ingredients that make the difference between the two. You can usually use whatever ingredients sound good, however flatter ingredients will work best. Forum posts indicate that the dishes and terminology are particular to a certain areas of the US, and of course can differ from the original Italian versions of the dishes. A good discussion with pictures of stromboli can be found on the PizzaMaking.com forum. Some restaurants serve one or the other.

I attempted to make a calzone a few months ago, and didn’t realize that it needed to be cooked differently. I think it needs to be at a lower temperature (maybe 450?) for longer than a regular pizza. It turned out kind of dough-y. I’ll have to try again and post some pictures.

What are your opinions on a calzone vs. stromboli? Post links to your own pictures!

Lido’s Pizza Restaurant and Buffet

Yesterday we went to have lunch at Lido’s on Bethel Road in Dublin. We never remember when their buffet is, but saw they offered it from noon to 3pm. The dining room was pretty crowded, so we decided to order the buffet. I usually hesitate on buffets, since the food can get cold, there may not be much selection, and you may have to wait until they bring out the food you want. We did have to wait a few minutes for additional pizzas to come out, but they tasted great. I love the sauce. They were very hot, but I was hungry and I burnt my mouth! I also must have overate by one piece, because I had indigestion for several hours afterward. Hopefully it wasn’t something bad I ate.

Lido’s Pizza & Restaurant
2540 Bethel Rd
Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 459-5858
Take-out, delivery, dine-in
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