Taco Pizza – Kraft Recipe

I get emails from Kraft foods with recipe ideas, and today they had one for Taco Pizza. Have you tried a taco pizza before? How is it? I would think it can be tricky to get the right sauce and crust that goes well with taco flavoring.


This one calls for ground beef, Taco Bell seasoning, lettuce, tomato, ready to use pizza crust, and Mexican style shredded four-cheese blend with a touch of Philadelphia, which I assume means sour cream. But why doesn’t it clarify?? It has an average of 4 and a half stars with 155 reviews so it sounds like most people like it. You can drizzle salsa on top to add a little more moisture.

25 Healthy Pizzas

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I was browsing some articles on Serious Eats and someone posted a link to 25 Healthy Pizza slideshow on Cooking Light.com. The navigation is quite nice – you can click the next or previous buttons to see a short description of each one, then click a link for the recipe of one you like. When you click for the recipe it goes to MyRecipes.com.

I’m not sure what makes them healthy. They do provide nutritional information on MyRecipes.com. One is Bacon, Tomato, and Arugula Pizza and the bacon adds quite a bit of fat. There are a few seafood ones: Garlicky Clam Grilled Pizza and Smoked Salmon Thin-Crust Pizza. I’ve never tried one with seafood except an occasional anchovy that mistakenly was added to my pizza. Next time I’m feeling adventurous I might have to try one. The Pepperoni Deep-Dish Pizza appeals to me; I like Chicago-style pizzas. But it has more fat than the bacon one! Does pepperoni have more fat than bacon? The Veggie Grilled Pizza is not as low-fat as I would have guessed, but it’s a great way to add more veggies to your diet! What do you think about these recipes?