Making Pizza Sauce – Need to Reduce it?

I’ve come across a few recipes for pizza sauce recently.

On Serious Eats, J. Kenji provides a recipe I’d like to try and explains the science behind the recipe. – new-york-style-pizza-sauce

Also on that website are a few videos on making the sauce. Just search for Pizza Sauce or see the Related Videos section on the page above. Here’s one that also includes reducing the sauce over heat. Kudos to Chef John of Foodwishes on Serious Eats for this video.

Reducing Pizza Sauce

I made a sauce from a cook book I have, and I don’t think it called for reducing it. So I wonder, do you need to reduce your pizza sauce? I would think it brings out a lot of the flavor and removes extra water so the flavors are concentrated. Which sounds good to me! I’ll have to try it.

I also wonder about the science behind recipes. For example, what does sugar and salt do to combat the acidity of the tomatoes? If you find your sauce is too ‘tomato-y’, what do you do to correct it?