Deep Dish Pizza Pan

I tried out my new deep dish pizza pan last week. I use shortening on the pan to prevent sticking. An alternative to that is olive oil, but I haven’t been very successful using it. Check out for a deep dish or other type of pizza pans. Pictured here is the one I used.

Deep Dish Results

My deep dish pizzas turn out pretty well. The key is using just the right amount of dough and spreading it out equally so you don’t have too much dough around the outside edge (cornicone). The first one I made had too much dough and got kind of tough. The second one I tried stuffing with some shredded provolone in the cornicone. But I don’t yet have the technique needed for stuffing the crust. I didn’t add enough cheese, but I don’t think there was enough dough to wrap around any more cheese. In fact my cornicone is uneven because I didn’t have quite enough dough.

Deep dish1

1st Deep dish pizza
Deep dish stuffed crust

Stuffed crust

Chicago Style

Do you like Chicago or Uno Deep dish pizzas? I do, although it can be hard to wait so long for it to cook properly, and only one or two slices are filling. I last had one at the Uno’s in Dublin, Ohio. I saw how they made them in Chicago on a pizza show on the cooking channel. They place a layer of uncooked sausage on the bottom which must be why it takes more that 45 minutes to cook.

Stuffed Crust

I love the stuffed crust from Pizza Hut, so I will keep trying on my own pizzas. There’s gotta be an easy way to recreate it! I remember having a sauce stuffed and cheese stuffed crust from somewhere. The sauce sounds harder to recreate but I should try that sometime too!

Do you like deep dish and stuffed crusts?

Little Caesar’s Pizza in Michigan

We were visiting relatives in Michigan over the holidays and had Little Caesar’s pizza and crazy bread. Boy was it good!! The deep dish crust was soft and almost buttery or greasy. Is it cooked in oil? The cheese and sauce are great too. I think this pizza may be my goal for making pizzas at home. The Crazy Bread (bread sticks) were good too.

Little Caesar's Deep Dish

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I thought the number of Little Caesar’s locations were decreasing, almost going out of business, but looking at the store locator on their website, I see that there are plenty of locations in the mid-west and from coast to coast. I remember having one close to where I grew up, in a K-mart. So I always associated it with that store and not as an independent pizza chain. There actually isn’t a location that is very close to me, otherwise I might have to start eating from there more often! It’s probably good that I don’t, since that soft oily crust is surely not good for your health!

The website has product info, nutritional info, news about Little Caesar’s, kid’s games, a shop to buy Little Caesar’s merchandise, franchise information, and links to connect on Facebook and twitter.