Pizza in Dublin, OH – New Formaggio Location Open

Hello again! Sorry it’s been quite some time since the last post. The Thanksgiving holiday is now over and shopping season has officially begun! As always we get several ‘junk mail’ packets each week, with tons of ads from grocery stores and local businesses. One caught my eye recently, Formaggio’s has a new location on Sawmill Road in Dublin, Ohio (website: I knew of a vacant location that used to be an Iacono’s on Sawmill road, and wondered if Formaggio’s now occupies it. But based on the map of the address (across from Home Depot), it may be the former location of a Pizzano’s. Not sure if they bought out Pizzano’s or just claimed the location after they went out of business. Formaggio’s other location is right on the OSU campus.

Menu Items

Based on the flyer and on the website, Formaggio’s is known for original Steubenville style pizza (a quick search reveals this means cold cheese sprinkled on top of baked dough and sauce, from Steubenville, Ohio). They also use unbaked pepperoni, so they use high quality ingredients to ensure a great taste. They feature several specialty pizzas including chicken bacon ranch, grilled chicken and BBQ, and white sauce options, that come in 12″ and 16″ square style. They also have a few unique menu items: Lil O’s (dough balls), Buckeye Dessert Pizza with peanut butter and chocolate syrup, Nick Sticks (dough with cinnamon, sugar, and icing), and a good selection of fruit smoothies. They also offer three sizes of Strombolis and small/large salads.


I’m not sure how I feel about cold cheese and pepperoni on a pizza. I guess we need to try it sometime. The smoothies sound like a fun and delicious menu item that goes along with pizza. What do you think? Have you tried Formaggio’s before?

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